Too busy to volunteer?

Too busy to volunteer?

volunteerVolunteering can be a time-consuming activity. It takes time and effort to make a real difference to our society. And, according to the BBC:

Some 60% of 25 to 34-year-olds said they were too busy [to volunteer], rising to 66% among 35 to 44-year olds, and falling to 53% of those aged 45 to 54.

People always say they’re “too busy”. But are they, really? No, they’re not – they just haven’t found soemthing they want to do enough to spend their time doing it. Or they’re just too lazy to be bothered. But it’s not a lack of time – howver much people may claim it is.

Few people have absoutely no time to spare. It is merely an excuse people use to soothe their conscience for not volunteering – they have chosen to not spend their time volunteering.

Being a volunteer will take up the time you allow it to. As a Scout Leader, it takes up quite a lot of my time, in peaks and troughs. But it doesn’t have to – I could do just two hours a week if I wanted to, and if that was all the time I wanted to give to it. It is possible to make time if you actually want to.

Now, I don’t think that people should have to volunteer or be looked down on for not. But neother should they use a poor excuse like “lack of time”. Most volunteers do precisely the same things as non-volunteers – work family, friends, etc. But they fit volunteering in as well and spend their free time doing something useful, rather than slumping in front of the TV.

Not volunteering is fine, if you don’t want to. Just don’t lie that your reason is that you “don’t have time”. You can make time if you actually want to.

I quite agree. I don’t think that some people realise how much they could get out of volunteering though – we wouldn’t put so much time into scouting unless it was also enjoyable for us – better than work usually! Perhaps people perceive volunteering as an obligation/chore rather than a hobby?

My other half doesn’t understand at all why I want to spend my holiday wandering around the lake district with a load of 10 year olds, luckily, as that means I have some baby sitting!

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