I’m having a very Scouting Christmas

I’m having a very Scouting Christmas

christmas-scoutsChristmas is always a busy time, in Scouting as much as everywhere else. This year, my Scouting Christmas is very nearly over.

My group’s annual Christmas Bazaar was very successful, making over £400 – our best ever! I also found out that the Scouts are submitting bids to paint the leader’s faces, and apparently I’ve got the highest bid so far! It’ll be interesting to see what design they come up with…

We also had our annual Christmas Carol Concert. As usual, it was led by the fantastic District Chaplain who captivates the young people and makes it a very entertaining evening. Each section performs a skit each year – last year the Scouts performed a poem, with each reading a passage of “A Scout’s Anthem“.

But this year, we went for audience participation as the theme and performed a song to the tune to We Wish You A Merry Christmas:

Let’s all do a little clapping,
Let’s all do a little clapping,
Let’s all do a little clapping,
To spread Christmas cheer!

We then changed the adjective to “jumping”, “twirling”, “singing” and “Scouting” – and then a final rendition of the normal We Wish You A Merry Christmas lyrics. Everyone joined in and it really livened up the performance.

Our final Scout evening of each year is always a Christmas party. This year, we went bowling… and I managed to bowl four zeros in a row by just generally being rubbish, until my last three turns, which resulted in two spares and a strike. Weird.

It’s always nice to be thanked for the work we put in as Scout leaders, and Christmas is a time when several Scouts and parents bring in either a card or present (uaully booze of chocolate), which is gratefully received.

I hope everyone else has a very merry Scouting Christmas too!

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