Scouts Leaders should always be prepared

Scouts Leaders should always be prepared

match-strikeA couple of weeks ago, I was on a camp (well, one-night competition camp) where I was there merely to help out. One of my fellow leaders was running our camp and I was specifically there to help out but not interfere and run it myself – it was his turn to do it!

So we plan. Prepare. Get ready. After all, as Scouts our motto is “be prepared”. xcept sometimes, we’re not. Because we’re too busy focusing on everything else to pick up the little things… like matches.

But, as we’re Scouts, we are also resourceful and able to cope… (yes, we borrowed some).


The competition itself went well – it was quite cold that evening for those of us on bases, but my base was quite entertaining, as we had to get them to sew buttons. Only one team managed them all, and that was a team of boys – rather than girls as everyone expected it to be – Scouts prove gender expectations wrong!

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