Thousands more girls are joining the Scouting adventure!

Thousands more girls are joining the Scouting adventure!

girl-cub-scoutThe latest census of Scouts has revealed that nearly 10,000 new people joined the adventure in 2010. Almost half of the number – 4,330 – were girls. This number for the first time exceeded the number of boys who joined (3,796). There are now more than half a million Scouts in the UK, a 14% rise from 2005. And there’s plenty of room for more!

Girls were first allowed to join Scouts in 1976, but only in the Venture Scout seton (now defunct). From 1990, girls could join any section but this was a decision to be taken by individual groups, but as of Scouting’s centenary year in 2007, all groups are co-educational – and girls now amount to one-fifth of all young people in Scouting.

However, Scouts do not differentiate between girls and boys. We offer the same great Scouting experience and everyday adventure to all young people, regardless of gender.

Alongside all this great news, and is ensuring that Scouting is in line with the vision that Baden-Powell originally desired. The Girl Guides, first led by B-Ps sister and then by his wife, were created after Victorian morals refused to allow both sexes to mix in a youth organisation. Unfortunately, nobody told the Daily Mail… (it is amazingly easy to predict how various media outlets will report Scouting news.)

But this isn’t all good news – there are 35,000 young people who want to join the everyday adventure, but are currently unable to do so due to a lack of Leaders. We can’t provide everyday adventure to even more young people without more vounteers!

With you on the waiting lists, my unit alone has the same number on the waiting list as I do in the unit! Everytime someone puts a name down, I do say we need volunteers but people rarely want to give up time. The reasons are always amusing: I work full time (so does that leader over there), I have a commute (so do I), I have younger kids (as do I and two other leaders in the unit). Sometimes I get across the fun and the great feeling of being part of the community around you but not often enough.

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