My name is Chris Hawes, and I am an Assistant Scout Leader at the 9th North Watford Scout Group. This is my personal site/blog for my Scouting thoughts, recollections and anything else I can think of.

Who am I?

I am a recent graduate of the University of Essex, with a degree in Modern History and Politics and I also did a year of postgradute History study as well.

I live and work in Watford, and I have lived here all of my life, bar the four years I spent in Colchester at university.

My Scouting Experience

My scouting life started when I was six years old and joined Beavers in the very same group in which I am now a leader. I then continued on to Cubs, learning and having fun the whole way through. I then moved on to the Scout Section, where I gained both the Chief Scout’s Challenge and the old Chief Scout’s Award, now superceded of course by the Bronze/Silver/Gold etc. system. I also took part in many District and County competitions such as Green Beret and Triffied Trophy/Night Owls, and then Peak Assault which is a Hertfordshire-wide Ventures (now Network) competiton as part of a training team. After Scouts, I moved groups to the 1st North Watford to Alpha Venture Scouts, where I had a great deal of fun doing Venture things. When I was 18 the age ranges were reorganised, and in the confusion over the transition and the fact that I was off to university, I drifted away from Scouting.

But that only lasted for the four years I was at uni for…

As I write this, I have been an Assistant Scout Leader for just over a year, starting back at my old Troop in October 2007, right at the end of the centenary. What is amusing is that my old Beaver leader is now the Cub leader and my old Scout leader is now at GSL. It’s still can be quite a surreal experience.

Why I am a Scout Leader

I am a Scout Leader so that I can enable the young people to enjoy the fantastic experiences that I got to when I was their age, so that I can pass back just some of the knowledge that I have gained. I want to make it possible for the youth today to experience Scouting like I did; to gain from it like I did and continue to do so.There is no denying that without Scouting, I would not be the person I am today. It definitely helped me for the better, and I can see the benefits that it is providing for my Scouts.

Please Note:

All opinions expressed on this site are my own and do not necessarily reflect those of any or all groups to which I belong.