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The Scouting blog of an Assistant Scout Leader

Games Night

On Friday we had a games night at Scouts, after having been too busy working on their patrol boxes over the past few weeks to have played any games. It’s always nice when we have an evening to just have fun and play games, a nice release and a chance to have a greater level…
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March 29, 2009 0

District Swimming Gala

Today (well, now yesterday) our group took part in the Watford North Scouts District Swimming Gala, in which for the first time ever all eight groups in the district took part. Races were available for all age groups and swimming abilities – plus a race for male and female Scouters. I ended up spending longer…
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March 20, 2009 0

Are you gonna tell them, or should I?

Ahem. Apparently “the Scouts have introduced a new environment badge which the movement hopes will get up to 400,000 young people recycling”. The Group Environment badge isn’t new. It’s been around for a while. They’ve just got a new sponsor (Serco). Not only that, all four sections have elements of the environment included in badges,…
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March 12, 2009 0

Swimming 1

Over the last couple of weeks, we took both our Cubs and Scouts swimming at a local pool. Over the two weeks, they earned their Swimming 1 badge and very nearly their Swimming 2 – only the 100m swim was left to do, but we run out of time and got chucked out! We did…
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March 7, 2009 1

Patrol Box Building

Tonight at Scouts we started building our new patrol boxes, which they have spent time over the last few weeks working n their door designs – the only things we specified were that they must include their patrol animal and patrol name and may not include their own names, as these would be written on…
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February 27, 2009 2

Something I never thought I’d see…

Weather adversely affecting Scouting activities! The snow yesterday meant that both Beavers and Cubs were cancelled, and today our monthly executive committee meeting was cancelled. Usually Scouting goes on whatever the weather. But it seems that, like the rest of Britain, Scouting was stopped by a few inches of snow! I’m sure that by Friday…
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February 3, 2009 0

Be Prepared!

Welcome to my new blog focusing on my activities as an Assistant Scout Leader (ASL) in the 9th North Watford Scout Group. The name of this blog, obviously, comes from the motto of the Scout Association and forms the basis of the Movement itself. I have been in Scouting for most of my life, starting…
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February 1, 2009 1